A new approach to better bowel health

Dr Michael LevittConstipation , abdominal bloating, straining to empty the
bowel - these bowel complaints are common and,
commonly, very troublesome.

Irritable bowel syndrome and colorectal cancer are both common and worrying conditions in the 21st century.

To treat and overcome any of these important conditions, you first need to understand them. This website attempts to put relevant and helpful information about all of these troublesome and potentially serious conditions into language that you can understand. It offers new and useful strategies designed to help make you feel better - as well as better informed.



  • “No amount of fruit, bran or muesli seemed to improve my situation since I had my first baby. My new once-weekly regime keeps me regular – and relaxed.” Sue
  • “I feel much lighter and less bloated, but more importantly I have confidence in my body again.” Gina

The Other Women's MovementThe Other Women's Movement

Millions of women are suffering in silence, guilty that they can’t get their bowels to work “normally”. Dr Levitt explodes the myths of good bowel health and shows by example how to overcome problems that can affect your life and health.

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