Magnesium Sulfate Capsules

Early on in my practice, I recognised that the time-honoured magnesium salts are the cornerstone of a rational approach to treating people with sluggish bowels, straining and constipation. And amongst the magnesium salts, magnesium sulfate has the most potent laxative action. Furthermore, the small percentage of ingested magnesium that is actually absorbed into the bloodstream means magnesium sulfate has little effect in the body other than as a laxative. In its best known form - Epsom salts – it has been used successfully as a laxative for approximately 400 years.

But my patients struggled bitterly with the foul taste of these simple salts. Try as they might, they could not make them more palatable, especially as truly effective treatment often required them to ingest large amounts at a time. And try as I might, I could not entice anyone to do the simple and logical thing – to put these salts into capsules.

In the end, I encapsulated them myself, making them many times more effective than the original salts. I still have the little manual encapsulating machine into which I managed, on my own kitchen table, to sprinkle magnesium sulfate powder, taking 20 minutes to make up just 40 capsules at a time, each containing a small and variable amount of salt. Nowadays, I help to direct a Pharmaceutical Company that I established for the expressed purpose of making magnesium sulfate palatable for my patients. No longer do they have to suffer the distress of swallowing foul-tasting solutions on top of the distress of their troublesome constipation.

But the capsules are really only a part of this treatment process - how and when to use them represents a revolution in thinking about this important health issue. This revolutionary approach is described in my new book The (other) Women’s Movement. In this book I have used the real stories of patients I have treated (with names changed for the sake of privacy) to highlight not only the real difficulties confronting people with sluggish bowels, bloating and constipation (nearly all of them women) but to describe the principles behind the management approach using magnesium sulfate capsules that I have developed.

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