Question of the Month

Hi Michael
Further to your last email to me dated 26 May I felt that I needed to share my good news with you.  I am so excited - after 40 years of battling with severe constipation, (and being diagnosed with diverticulitis) I have had good success with your programme.  For the first time for years I have had spontaneous bowel movements. I have been on your regime for 6 weeks using the capsules firstly twice weekly and now once a week.  The first week that I have made 7 days I was so excited and relieved.  You have no idea how this feels to me.  I just cannot believe it has happened.  All thanks to your wonderful book and the programme I have been following with your help.
The past 6 months were horrendous for me, being admitted to hospital  twice, the 2nd time the worst of all.  After no bowel movement for over 1 week, not a wink of sleep for 4 nights and my body going into involuntary shaking and shivering - I thought I was going mad.  I was terrified when Hospital staff suggested a Psych consultation.  I thought I had really lost it then.  Nobody could help me until I was referred to a doctor here in Sydney and she introduced me to your book and suggested I try the capsules.  That was certainly the best advice I have had for years.
However, I have found that I suffer from a lot of flatulence.  Is this caused by the capsules and is there anything you could suggest to relieve the wind.
Thank you so much for your help.  I know it is still early days, but at least something is happening now.


Thank you so much for your update - what great news for you!  The flatulence is not a typical feature of the capsules and I wonder if you might now have the confidence to reduce some of your dietary fibre intake since fibre is so often the major cause of excessive gas production.

Irrespective, I suggest that you simply persevere with the weekly capsule regime in the expectation that gas will become less of a problem as time goes by. And see if you can cut back a little on fibre consumption as this might ease the flatulence a little.

Good luck and keep me posted.


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